Pediatric Neuropsychological/Neuro-Developmental Evaluation

A Pediatric Neuropsychological/Neuro-Developmental evaluation involves up to 10 hours of face-to-face assessment, over several sessions. Testing will provide a picture of a child’s strengths and weaknesses, and optimal learning modalities.  Recommendations for educational modifications, accommodations, placement, adjunct therapy services, etc. will be provided.  Such an assessment typically includes parent interviews and questionnaires, school observation, as well as psychological and neuropsychological assessment.  Dr. Light also provides Independent Educational Evaluations through many local school districts.

Fees Depend on the Level of Services Required

  • Initial Phone Consultation at No Cost
  • Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluation includes 6 to 10 hours of testing, test scoring, individual feedback and consultation, and comprehensive report

Comprehensive Report Generated Includes

  • A comprehensive list of strengths and weaknesses
  • Specific recommendations to circumvent any observed weakness areas
  • Key areas to address maladaptive habits
  • Information on methods and modalities for optimal learning for you or your child
  • Specific referrals to outside professionals as appropriate