Welcome to Fall and Season’s Greeting From the Offices of Roger Light, Ph.d., ABPP/Cn  The Offices of Dr. Light would like to extend to you the warmest wishes for the upcoming holiday season.  As the days grow shorter a few reminders on the... (continue reading...)
Head Injuries and the High School Athlete  The news is full of information (and misinformation) regarding concussions and head injuries in athletes.  Given the hysteria surrounding Frontline’s “League of Denial” and the possibility of CTE... (continue reading...)
Neuropsychology Assessments are critical to identifying and dealing with a host of psychological conditions and disorders.  In many cases, the expertise of a neuropsychologist is not required until after a traumatic, life-changing event or accident... (continue reading...)
Welcome to the Blog of Dr. Roger Light Ph.D., ABPP/CN [caption id="attachment_28" align="alignnone" width="196" caption="Dr. Roger Light Ph.D., Neuropsychologist"][/caption]   Dr. Roger Light Ph.D., ABPP/CN Dr. Roger Light's practice is located in the South Bay of Los Angeles in Manhattan Beach... (continue reading...)